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A charming animation that really warmed my heart and put a smile on my face.


This was so funny i think that u need 2 make a super sonic brothers or super starfox brother brawl. LOL :)

This was sweet!!!

Dude. i loved these. i cant wait for #6

(On the the second time knux punches sonic, click on his nose a ton while he is doing the thumbs up. u will find the easter egg)

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This is amazing

u said that ur trying 2 get out of sprites.

personaly i like the sprite look.

and the game was pritty good to.

I love this!!!

I hope u finish the 2nd one cuz i played the demo and it is pure awesomeness

this is great but...

tell me where u got the sprites i need them to make a game!!!

superboy23 responds:

I get my sprites at The Spriters Resource and The Mystical Forst Zone Act:4.

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"A piece reflecting the sadness of a society that had once known a great man, a man whom everyone had loved, about whom no one could name a bad characteristic--a man who has now passed."

Must be about Eduard Khil

This is EPIC

This Should like be a boss BG in a newgrounds game

This muisc OWNS

It is AWESOME but it crakles a bit

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The bottom left and right really have that "give me your phone" energy. Great work!

The sheer variety of memes here is truly an art within itself.

Probably one of your best pictures so far. Coloring is on point, and your shading has definitely improved from some of your previous work.

Plus you can never have too much Little Tail Bronx.

I haven't been on Newgrounds for YEARS now and I think it's time that I set some things straight. If you look at any posts that I had made before I was only like 11 or something so I was probably immature (and my tastes have changed too). Thanks: --NovaXP


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